Little-known Jewish history of Sicily on display centuries after expulsion

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Jews, Jesus, and Menstrual Blood

But in what has been her home country for over a decade, it can be hard to get respect. She was ejected from a kosher shop in Milan for the same reason, she believes. She was the first in her family to be born in the United States. She started traveling to Italy annually with her father in the s and decided to move for good in After hearing Aiello conduct a memorial service in Italy for her brother-in-law, several people encouraged her to apply for an open rabbinic post at a Milanese synagogue.

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The history of the Jews in Sicily deals with Jews and the Jewish community in Sicily which possibly dates back two millennia. Sicily is a large island off the Southern Italian coast. There has been a Jewish presence in Sicily for at least years and possibly for more than years. There is a legend that Jews were first brought to Sicily as captive slaves in the 1st century after the fall of Jerusalem in 70 CE.

However, it is generally presumed the Jewish population of Sicily was seeded prior to the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem. Rabbi Akiva visited the city of Syracuse during one of his trips abroad. In , Sicily came under the Arab dominion, which treated the Jews justly. In Sicily fell to the Normans and the Jews were again brought under the supremacy and jurisdiction of the Catholic Church.

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Monsignor Natale Colafati, who was now directing this animated group of Calabrisi to a side room, provided the impetus for this historic meeting. To my right on the dais sat a renowned professor, Vincenzo Villella, whose book about the Jews of Nicastro was one of only a very few volumes that acknowledged the ancient historical presence of the Jews in Calabria.

Please help me. Her name was Antonella and when she told me her surname, I recognized at once that it one of many surnames listed in Inquisition records that indicated Jewish ancestry. It was that promise that formed the basis of what was to become a more than decade long study of the thriving Jewish population that once graced hundreds of Calabrian villages and towns and a personal mission to serve those who wanted to know more. As the first woman and first modern liberal rabbi in Italy, I had returned to Calabria, the land of my roots, where I had organized what was to become the first and only initiative to help southern Italians discover and embrace something that had been hidden from them for nearly years.

Aspects of Married Life of Jewish Women Converts in Italymore AS INCENTIVES FOR CONVERSION -THE CASE OF SICILY AND SOUTHERN ITALYmore.

Jewish physician of Sicily. Flourished in in Sicily; married Pasquale of Catania a doctor. Virdimura was a Jewish woman who worked as a physician in Sicily. Her husband and tutor was another doctor, Pasquale of Catania, a university-trained surgeon who taught his highly intelligent wife the art of surgery and herbal medicine. At the time, most women were forbidden to practice medicine, although in Italy the rules were more lax than in other regions.

Virdimura, eager to build a lawful practice and win recognition for her healing abilities, petitioned the court for the right to treat patients as a professional. As part of the hearing process, she brought in patients who attested to her great knowledge and skill, as well as other physicians who verified her learning and supported her petition. Virdimura also had to take several exams to determine the extent of her knowledge, which she passed easily.

Thus in , she was fortunate enough to have the Sicilian royal court grant her a license to practice medicine throughout the state.

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More than 17, men and women from our nation’s tiny wartime Jewish community of , residents would serve in uniform during the conflict, putting their lives on the line in the cause of peace and freedom. Canada played an important role in helping the Allies achieve victory in the Second World War. Many elements of our country’s diverse society came together for this cause, one of the foremost being Jewish Canadians. They served with distinction and nearly of their ranks received decorations for gallantry and other official citations for their exemplary service.

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Medieval Jews and Christians have often exchanged blows. Some of those, in particular when they came from the Christian side who generally had political power, were physical. Other exchanges, probably more common, were verbal. In this article, a unique type of verbal blows, coming from Jews and targeting Jesus, will be explored. What unites them is the association they create between Jesus and menstrual blood.

Many languages have in their stock of insults one or more terms or phrases which refer to the mother instead of the one directly being insulted. Anyone can be his or her father. In a system where the place in society is based on paternal lineage, such an insult will logically be of an even bigger power. Jews, when speaking the local vernacular, used most probably the same expressions their neighbors did.

But like many cultural and linguistic minorities, they have also created some insults of their own. One of these will be at the center of this article. According to Jewish law, a woman who did not immerse herself in a ritual bath after her last period is impure and referred to as Niddah. What happens if she nevertheless has relations and conceives?

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I grew up being told, and believing, that I was the nice, white, Jewish daughter of two nice, white, Jewish parents. But Schwartz, a year-old film-maker, has brown skin, curly hair and full lips. It was only when she was 18 that her mother admitted the truth: that she had had an affair with a friend and former colleague who was black. The revelation not only shook her relationship with her mother to the core, but also led Schwartz to question everything she had believed about who she was, and eventually inspired her to make a documentary about the experience, called Little White Lie.

Sicilian Jews Forced to Wear Jewish Badges () smaller than the largest royal seal; men were required to wear it under the chin, and women on the chest.

Zeldes Nadia. Auto de Fe in Palermo, The First Executions of Judaizers in Sicily. Sicily of the late fifteenth century is the only place outside the Iberian peninsula that had witnessed the independent formation of a large population of New Christians that led to inquisitorial persecution. The present article proposes to rely on a detailed first hand description of an Auto de Fe performed in Palermo for examining the practices and religious attitudes of Sicilian conversos.

The reliance in this case on an eyewitness’s account has the advantage of introducing a new factor in the debate concerning the veracity of inquisitorial sources. Revue de l’histoire des religions, Previous attempts to introduce: the new Inquisition in Sicily have failed, not in the least. There is no record of- the Spanish Inquisition. However, there are some.

Jewish and Black

Lungotevere Raffaello Sanzio 9 Roma Tel. It has a growing database of Jewish heritage sites in Italy as well as itineraries and other resources. The web site features an interactive map where you can click to find sites. Visit Jewish Italy web site. European Day of Jewish Culture. Italy is an enthusiastic participant in the annual European Day of Jewish Culture, held the first Sunday in September.

To date, individual studies have derived estimates for between one and (1) Proportion of Ashkenazi Jewish women with breast cancer that.

Today the Jewish population of Turkey is approximately 18,, with 17, Jews living in Istanbul. At midnight August 2, , when Columbus embarked on what would become his most famous expedition to the New World, his fleet departed from the relatively unknown seaport of Palos because the shipping lanes of Cadiz and Seville were clogged with Sephardic Jews expelled from Spain by the Edict of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain.

The Jews forced either to convert to Christianity or to “leave” the country under menace ” they dare not return The history of the Jews in Anatolia, however, started many centuries before the migration of Sephardic Jews. Remnants of Jewish settlement from the 4th century B. The historian Josephus Flavius relates that Aristotle “met Jewish people with whom he had an exchange of views during his trip across Asia Minor. Second and third century Greek inscriptions tell of a flourishing Jewish community in Smyrna.

Ancient synagogue ruins have also been found in Sardis, near Izmir, dating from B. Jewish communities in Anatolia flourished and continued to prosper through the Turkish conquest. When the Ottomans captured Bursa in and made it their capital, they found a Jewish community oppressed under Byzantine rule. The Jews welcomed the Ottomans as saviors. Sultan Orhan gave them permission to build the Etz ha-Hayyim Tree of Life synagogue which remained in service until 50 years ago.

Early in the 14th century, when the Ottomans had established their capital at Edirne, Jews from Europe, including Karaites , migrated there.

Jewish Canadian service in the Second World War

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The date was December 5, and I found myself in a place not often on the lost Jews of Sicily and Calabria when a young woman pushed her way forward.

On paper, it makes sense. This is a disaster for Jewish continuity. We will assimilate ourselves out of existence. But real life can get in the way of theory. We all know people who are per cent Jewish but who have zero interest in either Judaism or Jewishness and no feelings of connection with their fellow Jews. The beautiful tapestry of Jewish civilisation — our literature, our music, our humour and our food — these treasures built up over millennia leave them cold.

There are Jews with just one Jewish parent who identify very strongly indeed. And then there are those with backgrounds like mine. For me, being Jewish is not about the illusory purity of the matrilineal line or the biography of the person with whom you make children. They feel as Yiddishe as I do. It is in our psyche and the marrow of our bones.

Jewish continuity happens in myriad ways. Rivka Bond understands. Bond feels very Jewish indeed.

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